Rhino Hyde Rhino Wire Modular Screens (HOA Panels)

Rhino Hyde Rhino Wire Modular Screens (HOA Panels)

Want the open area of wire cloth in a rugged urethane panel that fits your system? Rhino Hyde Rhino Wire Modular Screens are great for short product runs and high open area (HOA) requirements. What’s more, their convenient modular design allows for panels in high wear areas to be replaced individually – saving you the cost and time of complete screen replacement.

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If you are looking for a cost effective, high open area alternative to standard urethane panels, look no further than Rhino Wire Modular Screens (HOA Panels).

Features & Benefits

  • High open area panels
  • Standard panels are 30mm thick
  • Designed to handle wet and dry applications
  • Reduced plugging leading to increased output
  • Tapered apertures eliminate near-size pegging
  • Proven to last up to 7x longer than wire
  • Decreased noise


  • Available in 1′ x 2′ or 1′ x 4′ panels
  • Square aperture options
  • Snap, pin, and sleeve; pin and leg; or grooved attachment options