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Level out the automation playing field in manufacturing operations

Advances in level sensor technology improve inventory management Level indicators have been around for decades. From simple switches and rotaries, to advanced non-contact sensors, there’s no shortage of technologies to choose from. But there’s more to levels than just the sensor. Today’s manufacturing operations are increasingly automated with more sophisticated and complex systems. Plus,

Gulf Atlantic Industrial Equipment is Florida’s authorized BinMaster distributor

BinMaster level sensor products are sold in diverse industries world-wide including agriculture, construction, cement, mining, biofuels, and food processing. BinMaster – a subsidiary of Garner Industries - manufactures level measurement and inventory management technologies for process industries monitoring bulk solids, powders, and liquids. The company employs more than 130 individuals in its 115,000 square-foot

Break bottlenecks, unplug industrial pipes and chutes

Maintain material flow in industrial pipes and chutes with bolt-on shakers designed for easy relocation to meet changing flow restrictions. Coal chutes feeding pulverizers at a power generation facility were plugging. A combination of factor including material characteristics, moisture, and temperature variation contributed to the problem. Limited feed to the pulverizers led to

Enhance employee safety, maintain material flow in bunkers

Maintain material flow in bunkers with heavy-duty pneumatic piston vibrators - a safe alternative to using air cannons in combustible environments. After a bunker explosion, a coal-fired power plant needed a safe material flow solution to address uneven material flow through heavy-walled coal bunkers. The power plant required an alternative to the air

Railside car shakers speed loading, unloading of bulk materials

Improve unloading efficiency, minimize "carry back" with railside car shakers. Rapid discharge unit trains - delivering coal to a power generation facility - were not completely unloading. The coal "carry back" was significant and costly. The smart solution, with a quick return on investment, were NAVCO Railside Car Shakers. NAVCO Railside Car Shakers