Put an end to excessive equipment downtime due to tramp metal contamination with suspended magnetic separators.

Three hours ago, production was flowing and life was grand. Two hours ago, you heard the tell-tale sound of defeat. One hour ago, the conveyors slowed to a halt and the crusher was powered down. Right now, you’re working hard to repair and replace wear parts that you installed two weeks ago.


Tramp Metal Contamination

Costly Downtime

Tramp metal mixed with product flows finds its way into processing equipment, damaging wear parts, causing downtime, and adding costs.


Magnetic Separation

Tramp Metal Removal

Suspended magnetic separators effectively remove damaging tramp metal from coal, limestone, sand, gravel, and other material burdens.

It’s time to put an end to tramp metal contamination and unnecessary equipment downtime! Add a suspended magnetic separator to your operation today. There are several models to consider and customize:

Low-Volume Separation

  • The non-electric, maintenance-free suspended plate magnet has no moving parts and requires no power supply. Simply suspended the magnet over a conveyor or head pulley and it’s ready to pick up stray metal fragments before they cause damage to downstream equipment.
  • Stationary overhead electromagnets are the right choice when tramp metal removal is an occasional problem and a power supply is available. The ability to turn off the magnet makes manually removing collected metal easier for the operator.

High-Volume Separation

  • For high-volume tramp metal removal, protect crushers, grinders, chippers, and other processing equipment with a self-cleaning suspended electromagnet – best suited for applications with deep burden depths, heavy bulk densities, high belt speed, and material with entrapped tramp metal.

Damage to crushers, screens, conveyors, and other processing equipment is inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly. Installing the right magnetic separator for your application results in immediate and significant operational improvements.

Keep in mind, there are many ways to configure magnetic separators. The size of the tramp metal to be captured, material characteristics, material flow rates, temperatures, and altitude must be considered. Our professionals are specially trained to help you select the best tramp metal removal system for your application.

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