Rapidmix 600C Volumetric Mobile Mixing PlantTotally mobile and fully self-contained with its own power source, Rapidmix mobile continuous mixing plants offer outputs of up to 400 or 600 tons per hour, and are often used for roller compacted concrete, road subbase, environmental soil remediation, cement treated base, and soil stabilization.

So, what can you build with a Rapidmix plant? Pretty much any large-scale paving, environmental remediation, or infrastructure project that requires high production and volumes of mixed materials. Rapidmix mobile continuous mixing plants keep up with the demands of today’s largest projects. The plants are available in volumetric and continuous weigh models with the ability to produce 400 or 600 tons per hour. With Rapidmix, your company will have no problem mixing the large amounts of material needed to complete your project on time and on budget.

Giant-size projects aren’t the only thing Rapidmix can churn out soil cement, cement treated base, and soil stabilization for. Smaller projects are also very well suited for the mobile plants since they are the only single trailer continuous mixing plant that is self-contained, highly portable, requires no cranes for setup, and can begin mixing materials within a few hours of arriving onsite.

Civil engineering, construction companies, and government agencies around the world rely on Rapidmix mobile continuous mixing plants to build:

  • Airport runways
  • Port terminals
  • Military bases
  • Distribution centers
  • Housing development roadways
  • Highways
  • Parking lots
  • Dams
  • Reservoirs
  • Landfill linings and caps
  • Hiking and biking trails

 Big wins with Rapidmix >>

  • In 2018, a construction firm in Tanzania used a Rapidmix 400CW continuous mixing plant for production of mine backfill. Using their fleet of dump trucks alongside the plant, the Kascco team completed the backfill process faster, resulting in fewer delays in the mining cycle and saved time, manpower, and money.
  • In 2017, a construction firm in Wichita, KS produced 2,500 cubic yards of roller compacted concrete in one day while working their Port of Virginia Norfolk International Terminals improvement project.
  • In 2016, a construction company in NY used a Rapidmix 400CW plant to rehab runways at JFK Airport. Recovered asphalt millings from old runways were mixed with cement and water in the Rapidmix plant to produce RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavements). Close to 80% of the material used was from the old runways – a win/win for the budget and the environment.

Mixin’ it up the right way >>

Rapidmix plants are designed to produce homogeneous mixtures and are ideal for producing roller compacted concrete and cement treated base. These materials are growing in popularity as cost efficiency and environmental sustainability become top priorities for companies. Popular applications include the reuse of waste fines, soil stabilization, contaminated land treatment, and bentonite landfill sealing.

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Now the question is: What will YOU build with a Rapidmix plant?