BinMaster level sensor products are sold in diverse industries world-wide including agriculture, construction, cement, mining, biofuels, and food processing.

BinMaster – a subsidiary of Garner Industries – manufactures level measurement and inventory management technologies for process industries monitoring bulk solids, powders, and liquids. The company employs more than 130 individuals in its 115,000 square-foot facility situated on 32 acres in Lincoln, Nebraska.

To facilitate worldwide sales, BinMaster partners with highly qualified distributors. As Florida’s authorized BinMaster distributor, Gulf Atlantic Industrial Equipment offers the same expert advice, solution-based customer service, and product pairing you would expect from the manufacturer direct.

Gulf Atlantic’s online showroom features over 90 BinMaster products – all engineered to meet the specific needs of your application and operation – including BinMaster’s most popular items:

3DLevelScanners: Non-contact, multiple-point measurement across the material surface detects uneven topography, cone up or down, and sidewall buildup. Excelling in high dust, this acoustics-based sensor provides highly accurate volume and a unique 3D visual when paired with BinMaster’s Multivision software. WATCH VIDEO >>

Capacitance Probes: Offer a wide variety of power pacs, types, and lengths for virtually limitless configurations to meet application needs. Hazardous location, sanitary environment, flush mounted, auto calibration, remote electronics, and compact models are built to specification.

Dust Alert: Pairs integrated electronics and sensing probe with inductive electrification technology to detect and alert – via an alarm relay or 4-20 mA output – when dust emissions exceed a preset point. Ideal for baghouse leak detection or installation in stacks, ducts, or pipes.

Flow Detect: Available in single and two-piece models, Flow Detect is ideal for detecting flow conditions of solids and powders in gravity chutes, feeders, pipelines, conveyor belts, or bucket elevators.

Liquid Level Controls: Ultrasonic devices used for continuous, non-contact level measuring and monitoring of tanks, bins, and silos – or detection of material on conveyors. Level data can be sent to a display console and self-cleaning operation assures reliable performance.

Rotary Level Indicators: Also called a paddle-wheel level switch, the rotary is a common and versatile device used for inventory monitoring, level alerts, and process control. Standard and fail-safe models can be configured with a wide variety of extensions, paddles, and mounting plates.

SmartBobs: Use sensors that work like an automated tape measure dropping a weighted probe to the material surface, then retracts and converts counted pulses to a distance. Available with versatile probe and cable options for brine, slurry, or liquid applications in vessels up to 150 feet. WATCH VIDEO >>

Tilt Switches: Rising levels of powders and solids activate an alert when the device is tilted 15 degrees. These mercury-free sensors are available for fixed or hanging mounting and can be used in vessels, chutes, or over conveyors, open pits, or piles.

Vibrating Rods: These piezoelectric driven switches feature a unique sword-shaped design that resists buildup and prevents false alarms. Adaptable options include flexible and rigid extensions, models for high temperature and sediment detection, and compact mini vibrating rods for tight spaces and small vessels.

Build a better business with Florida’s authorized BinMaster distributor

The experts at Gulf Atlantic are here to help you build a better business with BinMaster technologies and products. When you invest in level indicators and control, you’ll quickly:

  • Enhance safety. Eliminate climbing ladders or onto roofs to check bin levels.
  • Save time. Get more work done with few people by using automated alerts and fail-safe sensor features to help control processes and warn of overfills, outages, or equipment failure.
  • Prevent problems. Level controls streamline material monitoring and process control. Automated alerts prevent overflows, empty conditions, clogged chutes, and jammed conveyors.
  • React in real time. Know when to place orders and reduce the risk of shutting down operations or delaying shipments. Advanced systems allow users to view multiple bins at a glance, helping to alleviate stress on production and purchasing personnel.
  • Inventory anywhere. Access information via a smartphone, tablet, or computer whether your onsite or away from the office. Permission based software lets you access and share the information you need to manage your operation efficiently.
  • Control processes. Use sensors to turn off and on processes, monitor loading on conveyor belts, detect clogged chutes, and track bin filling and emptying. Set text or email alerts to ensure a rapid response by production or procurement personnel.
  • Optimize capacity. Know – don’t guess – when bins are full! With high level detection, storage operations can fill without the risk of overfilling. Arrange shift production or deliveries to a location with excess capacity. And keep deliveries via trucks, railcars, and ships moving.
  • Keep it simple. Level, flow, and dust detection controls are easy to install and require minimal service. Sensors are designed for long life and are technically uncomplicated. Get immediate technical support with a phone call or live chat.
  • Reduce operating costs. BinMaster designs scalable systems that use less equipment to monitor more bins. Completely replace a legacy system or tie into existing control systems. Wireless options, low power consumption, and minimal maintenance help reduce operating costs.

We proudly serve as Florida’s authorized BinMaster distributor. When you buy direct from Gulf Atlantic, you can rely on our highly trained BinMaster product specialists for fast service, smart solutions, and solid results.

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