Maintain material flow in bunkers with heavy-duty pneumatic piston vibrators – a safe alternative to using air cannons in combustible environments.

After a bunker explosion, a coal-fired power plant needed a safe material flow solution to address uneven material flow through heavy-walled coal bunkers. The power plant required an alternative to the air cannons previously used to avoid the possibility of introducing air to the combustible environment inside the bunkers.

The smart solution: NAVCO’s Heavy-Duty Bunker Excitation Vibrators – high amplitude, low frequency pneumatic piston vibrators ideal for use on large bunkers and chutes. They are designed for heavy duty, harsh condition service on large capacity, thick plated storage containers. Even better, these excitation vibrators eliminate the need for manual clean out – increasing worker safety and eliminating costly shutdowns.

Features & Benefits

  • Linear vibration over a large area reduces material sliding friction, promoting fast and complete movement of even the most stubborn materials
  • Eliminates the need for sledgehammering, keeping your bin wall from being physically compromised
  • Easy installation does not require penetration of the bunker walls; low installation costs
  • Eliminates the need for manual clean out; reduced labor costs
  • Long operating life; designed for use in harsh conditions

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