Truck vibrators help eliminate carryback, increase dump time, distribute material more evenly, save money on repairs, and increase safety.

Whether you’re hauling rock, clay, concrete, wood shavings, sewage, or any other material, you’re costing your business time and profits if you are not using quality truck vibrators on your equipment. The installation of a truck mounted vibrator is extremely beneficial to truck owners and operators by promoting and maintaining the flow of materials. And, the installation is a simple process. Benefits include faster dump times, lower labor costs, reduced equipment damage, and increased operator safety.

The use of an industrial vibrator to promote flow of materials in a truck body is commonplace today. Typical applications include dump bodies, tandem live bottom dump trucks, slide-in and mounted spreaders, tailgate or ATV spreaders, concrete pumpers, sanitation, pumper and vacuum trucks, and volumetric mixers. While electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic driven vibrator solutions exist, the electric vibrator is the most common vibrator used in trucks.

Your operation may benefit from a truck mounted vibrator if you consistently notice:

  • Residual buildup in truck bed that reduces billable payload
  • Damage to tailgates from rocking the truck to empty the load
  • Damage to truck bed surfaced from backhoes removing material not dumped

Adding a truck vibrator to your operation – or replacing a damaged vibrator – will help you eliminate carryback, increase dump time, distribute material more evenly when spreading, save money on truck damage repairs, and increase employee safety.

When selecting a truck vibrator, make sure it features:

  • Easy, low cost vibrator installation
  • Shielded, oversized, permanently lubricated ball bearings for exceptional service life
  • Vibrators sealed against dirt, dust, and water for long life in extreme conditions
  • Small size and weight with high-speed, low-amp electric motors

With the right product, installation is a quick and easy process. To get it right the first time, make sure you choose the proper mounting location. The location of the vibrator on the truck body must be selected so that the force delivered by the vibrator is introduced into the material at all possible sticking points. This means that the force needs to be coupled directly to the spine or backbone of the body. The best location for this is just behind the doghouse or at the front at the underside of the body between the spines that run the length of the body. By mounting the vibrator mounting bracket attached to both main spines at the front of the body, the vibrator force will travel into the material along the length of the spines and outward from the spines to the sides of the body.

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