Choosing the correct bin level indicators and controls for your application can be overwhelming if you don’t speak the language.

Knowing the basics about how different sensors and the technologies they use can help:

  • Continuous Level Controls measure the amount of material in a storage vessel on a continual basis, rather than only indicating whether the material is above or below a certain point.
  • Point Level Indicators are an affordable, standalone tool that alert when inventory has reached a high or low level. Used as a high-level detector, they prevent overfills. Used as a low-level detector, they alert when vessels are almost empty.
  • Liquid Level Controls are commonly used for controlling pumps and activating alarms when a liquid level must be maintained to prevent overfilling or damage to the pump. They can also be used for simple level monitoring such as indicating when a tank is a certain percentage full.
  • Materials Management equipment is used to detect material flow conditions and problems, monitor dust emissions, prevent the escape of valuable powders, and help companies meet regulatory requirements.
  • Inventory Monitoring equipment and software programs make managing your applications easy, efficient and affordable. Compatible with an array of sensors and capable of monitoring multiple vessels, inventory monitoring gives you access to the information you need to manage your operation efficiently.

When determining which level sensor is best for your application, make sure you can answer these questions:

  • Material: What is the material? What is its bulk density in pounds per cubic foot? Is it sticky? Does it tend to create build up? What’s the moisture content? Does the material create dust, steam or vapor?
  • Vessel: What are the dimensions of the vessel? Are the limitations to where the sensor can be mounted? What’s the temperature in the vessel? What’s the pressure? Is there excessive noise or vibration?
  • Monitoring: How often do you need to measure the material level or access data? How many people need access to data; how will it be shared? Is monitoring the material level in one vessel at a time okay, or do you need to monitor multiple vessels simultaneously? Do you need an alert if the level reaches a certain high or low point? How accurately do the measurements need to be? What’s your budget?

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